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Savannah Wrongful Death Lawyer

Lost a Loved One in a Preventable Accident? Call (844) 731-8587 for Help.

The loss of a loved one is always a painful experience, but when that loss is untimely and unexpected the emotional and financial aftermath can be crippling to the family left behind. When you find yourself in this position and you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligent or intentional act, the Savannah, GA wrongful death lawyers at Roden + Love can’t take the emotional pain you feel away, but they can help you ensure that your family is cared for financially while you work through this trying time.

Wrongful death claims result from a number of different types of accidents.  Here are some of the more common types of accidents that often result in a wrongful death claim filed by a loved one who lost their life in the accident.

Why Choose Our Savannah Wrongful Death Lawyers?

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If you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, it is important you pursue a wrongful death claim as soon as the incident as possible to ensure that you receive the maximum possible recovery. Our wrongful death attorneys in Savannah, GA understand that finances may be the last worry you have on your mind, but we encourage you to reach out to one of our personal injury attorneys immediately and let us begin working while you begin healing.

Pursuing Justice & Obtaining a Sense of Closure

If you pursue a wrongful death claim, this can help you and your family get the financial support you need to move forward and start rebuilding after a tragic death. Beyond this, a legal claim can also help you gain insight into the events, relieving the doubt and questions that haunt many families. If it was negligence by another person or an intentional act, our attorneys can investigate exactly what happened, holding the responsible parties accountable, and helping you gain the financial recovery you need.

You or your loved one’s estate could be entitled to recovery for:

  • Compensation for the pain and suffering your loved one experienced
  • Workers compensation for lost future wages of the deceased
  • Reparations for the pain you and other surviving relatives have experienced
  • Loss of consortium damages for the deceased’s spouse

At Roden + Love we are on a mission to secure the justice your loved one deserves. You have the right to seek legal recovery, and we are here to help you succeed. Our Savannah personal injury attorneys are highly skilled in putting together a comprehensive wrongful death claim for you and your family and will speak with you free of charge, and at no obligation regarding your potential claim.

Contact our firm to speak with an understanding attorney as soon as possible.