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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Safety in Georgia

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents,Personal Injury,Safety on July 18, 2016

There has recently been a spike in pedestrian deaths in the state of Georgia. It’s vital for pedestrians to exercise care when walking near traffic and to know their rights in the event a motorist injures them. It’s also important to understand the laws for pedestrian safety in the state. State law requires drivers to … Continue reading Pedestrian Safety in Georgia

Overview of Georgia Distracted Driving Laws

Posted in Car Acccidents,Distracted Driving,Pedestrian Accidents,Personal Injury on April 8, 2016

From smartphones and fast food to driving drowsy and chugging coffee, there are plenty of distractions to keep Georgia drivers from focusing on the road in today’s fast-paced environment. National data has consistently proven that distracted driving is a key contributor to car accidents, both fatal and nonfatal. Types of Distracted Driving Distracted driving is … Continue reading Overview of Georgia Distracted Driving Laws