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Savannah Campus Injury Attorney

It is important that if you are injured as a result of being involved in a campus accident, contact an experienced Savannah campus injury attorney for legal help. The Roden + Love law firm is surrounded by a number of different colleges and universities. Our firm’s case results show that our attorneys have successfully handled numerous college campus injury and accident cases throughout Georgia. Some of the universities and colleges located in the area surrounding our law firm include: Savannah State University, South University – Savannah, Armstrong State University, and Savannah College of Art and Design. We handle campus personal injury cases throughout the state of Georgia. We take pride in our local institutions of higher learning, and we do everything we can to protect the rights of our clients who attend these and the many other schools in this area.

Some of the campus accidents we have seen include the following:

College students who are the victims of accidents caused by negligence on campus have the right to pursue compensation for all of their injuries, losses, and damages, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent disability or impairment, and other related expenses. In many cases, the school itself may be liable for the accident. A Savannah campus injury attorney at Roden + Love is prepared to take action against colleges and other parties if their negligence causes serious personal injury or wrongful death.

The statistics are startling:

  • 19% of undergraduate women have experienced attempted or completed sexual assault since entering college
  • 95% of sexual attacks go unreported, sexual assaults are the most unreported crime
  • 90% of women attacked know the person who raped them
  • 43% of college-aged men admitted to using coercive behavior, including physical aggression, to have sex, but did not admit it was rape

Despite taking all the right precautions, college students are still injured by the negligence of individuals or by the institution itself. If this happens, we urge parents and their students to consult an experienced campus injury attorney in Savannah, GA to find out about their legal options. At Roden + Love, our team of attorneys advise and counsel families after a student was injured on campus. We have been able to help clients obtain the financial resources needed to help a student heal physically and emotionally.

Dormitories and on-campus apartments need to take adequate security measures. When adequate security systems are not in place, students can be injured through attacks, violence, sexual assault, and rape. College negligence regarding the safety and security of a student should not be overlooked.

A student who has been injured on campus because of the administration’s negligence in maintaining the campus to provide for the safety and security of its students may hold the school liable for damages resulting from an injury incurred in a college classroom, dormitory, dining hall, common area, parking lot, or on any school-owned property, if it can be proven that the school failed to take reasonable precautions to safeguard those on its premises.

If you were recently subjected to a crime on campus or if you are a parent of a student who has been injured or killed as a result of the negligence of college administration, other students, or outsiders who have come onto the campus, contact a Savannah campus injury lawyer at Roden + Love today. We specialized in personal injury cases and can help you mount a claim if you feel the college was negligent in your personal safety. Many students subjected to crime try to turn to their campus administrations for help, only to find a lackluster response or outright indifference to their problems. Do not let that happen to you; turn to someone who can help. Call us today at 844-RESULTS.

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As an aggressive personal injury firm, we are dedicated to representing Georgia college students in their personal injury claims. A Savannah personal injury lawyer will treat your case with the attention and care that it deserves.