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Savannah Burn Injury Attorney

Nearly 1 million burn injuries are reported every year in the U.S. Thousands die from their burns, and many more live with permanent discomfort, disfigurement and disabilities. The American Burn Association notes that a majority of burn injury fatalities result from residential fires (around 3,000 deaths), while fires resulting from auto accidents (about 300 deaths) tend to be another common source of fatal burn injuries. If you do sustain a burn injury, it is important to have proper medical treatment. After medical treatment, contact an experienced Savannah burn injury lawyer to help you recover the proper compensation for your injuries.

Burn injuries are among the most terrible to endure. Victims often suffer serious pain, disfigurement and even after a lengthy recovery process they may never be able to resume their normal life. Some burn injuries cannot be prevented, but many occur as a result of negligence.

Common causes of burn injuries can include:

Burns are classified according to the damage inflicted on the skin, including:

  • 1st degree burns – affecting the outer skin layer, they will typically heal within a week or so.
  • 2nd degree burns – these penetrate the outer layer of skin to the deeper layer known as the dermis. Some 2nd degree burns heal naturally within 14 days, but others will run deeper into the skin and require 3-4 healing weeks, often leaving scars.
  • 3rd degree burns – penetrating the subcutaneous tissue, these often require skin grafting or other reconstructive measures.

Which degree of burn you have will determine what type of treatment you will require, and what physical restriction you will face going forward. A Savannah personal injury attorney at Roden + Love are experienced with burn patients and will help you navigate the often frightening waters ahead.

A burn injury is one of the most traumatic personal injuries an individual can experience. Not only is it one of the most painful, but it can also cause huge financial and emotional burdens. Many burn injury victims suffer from scarring; nerve, muscle, tissue, and respiratory damage; amputation; loss of mobility; bacterial infection; and more. If sweat glands are damaged, victims may have a hard time regulating body temperature. Burn injury victims may also suffer from mental disabilities or emotional distress.

In addition to the physical and psychological pain, burn victims and their families also face huge financial burdens as a result of the injury. Often the medical bills pile up as burn injury patients endure ongoing treatment, rehabilitation, surgeries, medications and various forms of therapy. Patients who suffer from burn injuries due to the negligence of another person have the right to recover full and fair compensation for not only medical expenses, but also pain and suffering. The Savannah burn injury lawyers at Roden + Love are well versed in burn injury claims and burn injury litigation. You may be entitled to:

  • Previous medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Compensation for pain and suffering

The best thing to do when a serious burn injury occurs is to contact a skilled burn injury attorney in Savannah, Georgia as soon as possible. In many states, a statute of limitations may make it impossible for you to file a claim if too much time has passed between the time the injury occurred and when you seek compensation.

The Savannah burn injury lawyers at Roden + Love have recovered millions of dollars for clients just like you and we have established a track record of aggressive litigation. If you have recently been burned in Georgia as the result of someone else’s negligence, contact the experienced and dedicated team of Savannah burn injury attorneys at Roden + Love today 844-RESULTS to get the compensation you deserve. Consultations are always free.